Shift from Passive to Collaborative Learning

Enhanced Support for All Learning Styles

Learning new material in multiple forms with tools that capture attention, spark ideas, and inspire learning.

Increased Interaction & Collaboration

Creating fun and engaging learning experiences for your students is flexible with easy-to-use interactive tools.

Better Student Engagement

Improve learning outcomes by holding student attention longer in active learning.

Engage Intuitively

Enjoy easy and smooth navigation with a user-friendly Interface designed for all.

Teach in your own style

Take advantage of the powerful built-in features or control your laptop from the display.

More catchy and effective lessons

Use an intuitive whiteboard with educational features to deliver practical lessons every time.

Less prep, more teaching


Discover a QTOUCH display for your classroom

Boost interest

Make participation fun by casting screens, playing learning games, and enabling groups to interact on the IFP with multi-touch recognition.

Distance learning

Easily switch to online learning when needed and for uninterrupted education.

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