Why choose Qtouch for business?

Do More in Your Workspaces

Today’s workflows are about going beyond communicating to collaborating by Transforming meetings from a place where work is discussed to a place where work gets done

Collaboration solution

Collaboration software is designed to give teams endless ways to brainstorm, innovate and share content. With a one-touch meeting launch, a connected whiteboard, wireless screen sharing, and PDF summaries.

Fast screen sharing, control, and file sharing

Instantly share and mirror your mobile device’s screen. Your device’s screen will be projected on your interactive screen in real-time. You can transfer any file, write and draw on your interactive screen as usual and capture screenshots for sharing with your coworkers.

Multiple users and tools at the same time

Let's multiple people use pens, erasers, and fingertips together to write, erase, zoom,  and move notes simultaneously.

Seamless integration with your technology environment

Solutions for any use case

QTOUCH displays are perfectly suited to a range of sectors, from architecture, construction, and engineering to enforcement and emergency services.

QTOUCH helps in many areas such as:

Effective meetings and conferencing
Corporate training
Remote collaboration
Decision support
Higher education

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