Building Solutions for a World on the Move

Whether inside the classroom, around campus, or learning and teaching from home, Our education line-up gives teachers the tools they need to deliver an enhanced experience while maintaining student engagement, collaboration, and confidence.

Providing a one-stop display solution to help businesses improve meeting efficiency and foster collaboration through enhancing modern conferencing, enabling remote working, and improving productivity and training outcomes

Seamless User Experience

All commonly used tools are at users' fingertips, thanks to more intuitive UI design. Enjoy the super-smooth operation and flexibility of customizing your preferred applications.

Powerful Performance

Qtouch adopts the latest Android version with a 4K intuitive interface along with various RAM and ROM capacities that fit your needs and ensure maximum stability. A powerful system with abundant collaborative tools available at your fingertips, bringing user operations more seamless and effortless.

Industry-leading Interactive Technology

The difference is in the details

Write Smoothly

IUF / Zero+ Bonding / Windows Ink

- Enable a high-level image quality with the new zero+ bonding and Infrared Ultra Fine technology.
- The advanced touch technology empowers empower the screen with instant response, and maximum precision, revitalizing a more immersive visual experience.
- Keep focus and never lose an idea with Windows Ink's collaborative features that allow you to write on documents, save annotations, and share your work.

4K Wireless Screen Sharing for Meeting Collaboration

It's amazing how easy it is to share a screen. With BYOM, you can connect a screen camera wirelessly to your preferred UC platform and start a video conference.

Flexibility and Multitasking

The inconvenience of switching applications is eliminated. With flexible windows, you can work on multiple tasks at once, increasing the efficiency of meetings as well as increasing productivity.

Collaborate with built-in software

There are endless possibilities and more intelligent functions available to improve presentation in every way when using our built-in software. These include handwriting recognition, shape recognition, and the ability to switch between split screen and smart table modes.

Remote Device Management System - MDM

- Real-time view and remote control of IFPD on a unified platform
- Apply and enforce policies and regulations
- Install applications and updates on all devices remotely
- Take remote control over devices for assistance
- Group and tag devices according to predefined criteria
- Analyze device, web, and app usage to make fact-based decisions

Quality Never
Goes Out

Experience unbeatable visual effects
that offer:

- Crystal clear high-quality image
- A fluent and accurate touch experience
- A wide viewing angle
- Shock-absorbing, extra-durable glass
- Dust and moisture resistant

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